Miss Faye Daniels

As my website closes I want to get into doing more self portraits and being photographed by other photographers that I both know and love.

Things here will be different than some of the things you’ve seen before. It won’t all be bright, fun, pin upy images. Instead there will be variety and lots of it. Some you will agree with and some you won’t.

Brace yourself.


Go support Faye Daniels : ) It will be good for your soul and good for your eyes : )


To those of you who have supported me over at Patreon you may want to log in today because I’ve left you a link to the full “Adventuring” set. You get tons of photos that I haven’t posted anywhere else - I apologize for being without internet and busy for the last couple weeks. I’ve also left you a couple other tidbits including the above image. :) 

If your not currently one of my Patreons and and want to support me making portraits and doing photography of babes in general you can visit www.patreon.com/fayedaniels and donate as little as $1 a month to get access to all my private posts and the full Adventuring set. 

I hope everyone’s having a great long weekend! 



Forrest goddess type shit from Kevin Webber

I think I’m going to continue posting here publicly, privately on my patreon account and let my “big” tumblr - Faye Daniels go.


Dear lover


Old pin up shit.