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As my website closes I want to get into doing more self portraits and being photographed by other photographers that I both know and love.

Things here will be different than some of the things you’ve seen before. It won’t all be bright, fun, pin upy images. Instead there will be variety and lots of it. Some you will agree with and some you won’t.

Brace yourself.


In love with this set by Kevin Webber.

I’ll be posting the entire set to my patreon account this coming week.

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"No one compares to you." - FH

Asker Anonymous Asks:
dear faye, i love you. in the your a bright sunny spot in the universe. keep on shining.
missfayedaniels missfayedaniels Said:

Awe thank you anon xo


Shhhhh, just go with it.


During the summer I had the pleasure of being shot by one of my photography heroes Matt Barnes. 

I’ve LOVED Matt’s work for years and watched his blog from afar on pins and needles to see what he would come up with and share with the world next. 

So - when he asked to shoot me I of course said yes but I was nervous as all hell!! In general I’m not scared in front of a camera but Matt’s a HUGE deal - he shoots Drake and countless other celebs….and then there’s little ol me?! Derek Woods even had to give me a pep talk before I left for the shoot (thank you Derek I love you!!!!!) so I could pull myself together. 

Matt and his team were great to work with although I wasn’t myself. They don’t work how I’m used to working. I shoot with friends. Normally I just goof off in front of the camera and it ends up working out. But there I was with three guys and a ton of super bright lights on me….I kinda froze. I didn’t freeze completely but I sucked. I left feeling like I had completely ruined the day. 

Fast forward to now - months later and the above is one of the photos that I found in the folder Matt sent me earlier this morning. Honestly I was taken back at first because they’re SO different than anything I shoot of myself. That’s not a bad thing. The more I looked at the images the more I liked them (just like you said Katie). I continuously find it so interesting to see how others see or perceive me. How different I can look depending on who shoots me. Or even the day someone shoots me. It’s always an adventure.

More to come from this set and I hope that Matt one day gives me another chance to be on the other side of his lens. 

I need to be alone like the way you left me. -CG


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