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As my website closes I want to get into doing more self portraits and being photographed by other photographers that I both know and love.

Things here will be different than some of the things you’ve seen before. It won’t all be bright, fun, pin upy images. Instead there will be variety and lots of it. Some you will agree with and some you won’t.

Brace yourself.
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Self in moms bathroom. Happy Easter!


Last one - I promise. 

By Katie West - she posted a cropped version from IG that was up previously but the full shot is so much prettier in my opinion. Katie captures me in a way that no one else does. 

I’m especially surprised at these because on the day that she took this I felt that I wasn’t being very co-operative. I wasn’t have a good “face” day (my fellow posers/models know what I mean) and in general I didn’t feel “into it”. Still - she got this and I’m sure many other beautiful shots. 

Katie West is magic to me. 


By Katie West

January 2014 (I think)

At Katie’s House - Ontario, Canada


An outtake from some photos that I took for my someone special. 

December 2013

ALT Hotel - Mississauga ON

Asker Anonymous Asks:
When's the last time you were with miss melissa? Has she left you in the dust with her constant changing of personality currently onto being a gym rat?
missfayedaniels missfayedaniels Said:

I think it’s almost been a year almost since I saw her.

I wouldn’t say she left me in the dust. I think we went our seperate ways in the end. She changed a lot from the person I used to know in my opinion. When I chose to walk away from the friendship I did so because I had lost a lot of respect for her.

I don’t have any hard feelings though and I wish her all the best. People change, grow whether it’s for good reasons or bad ones - that’s all part of life. I don’t know what she’s doing now but I hope it’s what she wants and that she’s happy doing it.



back home there’s a famous inn renowned for it’s ridiculously kitschy “themed” rooms that haven’t changed since like the 1960’s-70’s & i’ve always wanted to stay in one really bad (esp that last one like hello, giant round blue bed??? amazin)


Need to shoot here!!!!

Asker ironm1 Asks:
Could you give some detail on how you produce your photos; lighting used, exposure, any post production? In particular those at your Moms house and Monterey hotel last year. The colour, atmosphere and emotion of those photos are awesome.
missfayedaniels missfayedaniels Said:

I’m sorry but honestly I can’t really answer this. It’s different every single time.

I don’t really ever shoot with a full on lighting set up anymore. What that means it that I don’t carry around a ton of equipment. I don’t use flash, I just use the light that’s within the environment itself. I do a lot of stuff with natural light - and the ones at the Monterey hotel I used the lights that were in the room.

Really it’s very….”off the cuff” when I shoot. I go somewhere, I check it out. I check out the lighting sources. If I’m playing with the lamps or something in the room I just turn some off, turn some on and play around until I find something I like then go to work.

Exposure…always changes. I can’t answer that at all.

I also don’t really do a lot of post-production. I’m not a photoshop guru. I don’t liquify anything - what you see is me, how I am. The only thing I’ll remove is if I have a bruise or a pimple - things that aren’t there normally. Depending on lighting I have lightened under eye circles before but only if they give me a menacing look and change the mood of the photo. Other than that - I might adjust curves and stuff a little but really it takes me a couple of minutes to edit any photo that you see here. (Of course I can only speak for the ones produced by myself.)

For the Monterey Hotel ones, I played with the white balance in the camera while taking the photos themselves. That’s why you see some of them take on a blueish tone. Any digital camera will give you that option. And for a couple of the shots I flipped them to black and white in photoshop but that’s nothing special either.

Really I try to keep my photos looking unprocessed. My skin will always look like skin. You’ll see where I have cellulite. If it’s a close up of my face in natural light you’ll see my freckles and beauty marks.

I hope this helps.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Are you single
missfayedaniels missfayedaniels Said:

I’m currently taken by a very VERY amazing man. I think he’s a keeper. :)



Miss @FayeDaniels. Perfect babe of my heart.

Katie West is BEST. That’s all. If you don’t know now you know.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Miss Faye I have to say you are simply gorgeous and stunning. Your pictures are amazing and by you being in them makes them even better.
missfayedaniels missfayedaniels Said:

Thank you.